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I am the Master of my Soul

«At night I would go to bed hoping not to wake up anymore. I wanted to hide, to disappear, to softly fade away into a complete oblivion, into an undefined nothingness. I did not want to think about who I was anymore, nor did I want to think about my situation as a man without purpose»  I am the master of my soul

Victoria Ignis

This book is the prequel of the two books that tell the story of my relationship with Victoria Ignis: Draco 1 and Draco 2. The subtitle, in fact, states: “First conversations with Victoria Ignis”. These pages talk about my first encounters with her, starting from our very first conversation that took place at night in a park near my home.

This same book was already published in 2009, as an attachment to a DVD, which is not in print any longer and has been out of print for quite some time (therefore do not waste your time asking the publisher about it). Not a lot of people bought the DVD at that time and, among those who got it, only few made the effort to read the book attached.

In the version you can flip through today, some amendments have been made and I have added two chapters. However, it is still a pocketbook to carry in your handbag or keep in the glove compartment of the car. Each sentence makes you shiver (me too, even if I wrote it!), so I recommend you keep it always handy and read it and re-read it every time you feel the need to “come back to the center”.

If The Journal of the Alchemist, given its curated edition, can be recommended as a Christmas gift, you should buy I am the master of my soul for yourself and use it as a personal talisman. Hold it in your hands and consume it with your eyes.


And now we will let the words of the book speak:

«The State, religion, medicine, science, the bankers, the employer…for you they are all like powerful natural forces, like hurricanes or earthquakes. Forces that at times you accept and other times you reject fighting them with all your strength, but that, in any event, you consider stronger than you are. With the simple act of fighting them you are giving them a power that they don’t have. When an employee is fighting his boss, the boss has already won because he has been recognized as such. »

«Listen to me carefully: do not focus on your external life situation. You must let your soul emerge, your inner essence. The new external life situation will be the result of your inner transformation, exactly like your current psychological situation is reflected in your current job and in the low salary you are earning. »

«He who is a slave creates situations where he feels exploited. Reality is not objective. It is not out there somewhere. Think about it, use your abstract mind: if the world were truly outside of your consciousness, you would not be able to communicate with it. Reality is within you, and it transforms to the extent you comprehend, change, and evolve. »

«It is not about praying or meditating while sitting in lotus, it is about understanding that your consciousness is the victim of a deceit. You think you are separated from the world when instead you are one with it. You are sick of separateness, and you can heal only by re-joining the WHOLE…and there is nothing religious about this. »

«You fear talking in public and you feel like you are not good enough. Have you ever asked yourself why are you like that? WHAT, inside of you, is forcing you to behave in a certain way? It is something that you do not know. Your habit of continuously judging others forces you to fear other people’s opinion of you. The weight of the opinion you feel in the look and in the words of others is truly the weight of the judgment that is in your own eyes and words. The one who is timid seems to be a victim, but is truly an executioner, which means someone who is judging the world, and, because of that, fears being judged by the world. »



1. Introduction

2. Seeing the masks

3. Drugs and magic

4. Employee or entrepreneur

5. Worshipping the outside world

6. Responsibility

7. Being, doing, having

8. The world mirrors what you are, not what you want

9. To desire that which is happening

10. You are the first victim of your judgment

11. Your anxiety is slowing down the train

12. Master and disciple

13. Dwell on the emotion

14. Seeing beauty

15. A biotic transition

16. Enlightened or electrocuted

17. Self-observation and self-remembering

18. Pain and courage

19. A vision…a school

20. Conclusions



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Salvatore Brizzi

[The world is beautiful, we are the ones who are blind]

















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